The Greenpeace flagship will be in Ibiza from June 11th to 13th

The Rainbow Warrior is going to visit Ibiza and Mallorca to show up their support
for the Balearic society in its outright rejection to oil exploration

Rainbow Warrior IIIAlianza Mar Blava (Blue Sea Alliance) calls on all citizens to welcome on Wednesday June 11th to Greenpeace flagship, the Rainbow Warrior III, on her arrival in Ibiza. In particular, the Alliance asks all boat owners, any boat type, to join the welcoming flotilla that is already beginning to be organized in Ibiza for this purpose.
Greenpeace has sent the Rainbow Warrior III to Ibiza to show up their support to the struggle of the society of Ibiza and Formentera and of the Balearic islands against oil exploration that threats the environment, tourism and fishing, which are the true pillars of the economy of the islands.
As Julio Barea, Greenpeace’s energy campaigner, reported to the members of Mar Blava during the Alliance’s plenary session held on Thursday 22nd, the Rainbow Warrior III will be in Ibiza till 13th (included), to make contact with all entities, organizations and institutions of Ibiza and Formentera who have mobilized against oil exploration projects of Cairn Energy in the Gulf of Valencia and Spectrum Geo Limited in the Balearic Sea. During that time Greenpeace will keep the ship doors open to the public at different times. Subsequently the Rainbow Warrior III will sail to Mallorca on the 14th where she will stay until June 16th.
According Barea, the ship will depart from Valencia on the 11th early in the morning, where several journalists and various celebrities supporting the campaign against oil exploration, will go on board invited by the organization. Celebrities staying in Ibiza are encouraged by the Mar Blava Alliance to visit the Rainbow Warrior III and to meet with the main responsibles of the Mar Blava Alliance and of Greenpeace.
The Gulf of Valencia, the Balearic Islands and the coast of the Levant are areas of great ecological interest and, consequently, of great economical value, due to the activities that depend on a well preserved nature, such as fisheries and quality tourism. Thanks to the existence of beautiful beaches and their high landscape and environmental quality, Ibiza and Formentera are configured as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.
It is a shared desire for all not to jeopardize the environmental richness of this area, which has important protected areas (and others in the process of declaration as such) that are vital to many threatened species.
These oil exploration projects are not an inevitable reality. The Spanish Government has sufficient legal tools and environmental arguments to stop them from the first stage without generating rights of indemnity to the promoter. A good international example is the decision by the Government of Norway, in 2013, to cancel oil projects in the coastal waters of Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja, More and Jan Mayen Islands because of the social and institutional opposition of the affected areas population.
For more information: Carlos Bravo (+34 626 99 82 41) or Sandra Benbeniste (+34 634 072 653)

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